You’ve found it! Connections Unlimited for kids is available right here on our website. Our game will empower your children to improve their vocabulary and word connection skills like never before. We’re confident that your kids will enjoy playing it and you’ll see results in no time. Start playing now and experience the difference!

About Connections Unlimited Game for Kids

Connections Unlimited for Kids is a word puzzle game where the player has four chances to identify the 4 words sharing the same category or connections. The good part is that in the official version of connections unlimited game there is only 1 attempt to complete the puzzle and you can only play the game once a day, however, on our website you can play the game unlimited game.

How to Play!

Playing the connections nyt unlimited game is simple, if you don’t know how to play it, don’t worry the game UI is too simple that is easily understood by the kids. We will get you through a quick tutorial by which you can play the game easily and also teach your kid.

  • Identify: Choose four similar words that are connected in some way, either through category or common traits.
  • Select: Select 4 words that you think they share the connection.
  • Submit: Submit your selection of words, the game will analyze your selection and show you the results and category.